Qudhac Pharmaceuticals is a prominent wholesaler and distributor of health-related products in Somaliland. Since we were founded in 2014, we have focused in delivering healthcare products that are of high-quality prescriptions medicines, over-the-counter medicines, medical equipment’s, and devices. Our clientele include pharmacies, hospitals, private clinics, health care providers and other small-scale wholesalers.

At Qudhac Pharmaceuticals, we provide tangible solutions for Somaliland’s pharmaceutical and medical professionals, offering bespoke and innovative medical and pharmaceutical distribution in the country. We source our drugs directly to provide our clients with low prices. Our unbeatable service are unmatched by any wholesaler.

We believe that every employee performs an essential role in bringing products to market and delivering significant benefit to patients. We treasure the skills, experience, and expertise that individuals bring to our business, as well as their nature. Qudhac Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing employees with opportunities, thus investing to help each realise their full potential. Equally, we create trust in all interactions by consistently displaying high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Serving a market that has significant hurdles in development, we aim to support our society where possible. We are particularly attentive to the quality and standard of drugs. In general, we are here to provide our input to the development of the health sector in Rep. of Somaliland and the broader horn of Africa region.



 Qudhac Pharmaceuticals aims to build a viable, cohesive healthcare business that improves standards of care in outpatient medicines, thereby improving the lives of patients and their caregivers.

We are dedicated to being a responsible and sustainable business that provides value for patients, medical professionals, company staff, investors, and society.



We remain committed to growing our network of partners in all aspects of our business. We will always seek relationships that bring better care for our clients.



To safeguard our clients, we have dedicated a section of our page to accreditations agencies to improve basic knowledge of medical awareness in a developing society.



See our registration page to download our client registration forms and compliance materials.



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“I want to thank the entire Qudhac Pharma team for their terrific job and express my sincere appreciation for delivering our desired products”

Dahabo Nuur Liibaan

“Again it has been a pleasure to work with the Qudhac Pharma team. It was our largest order together, and as always, you have outperformed yourselves.”

Ismaaciil Diiriye Maxamed

“Great wholesalers to work alongside! Professionalism with a personal touch. Highly recommend Qudhac Pharma.”

Mubaarig Cige Kooshin



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